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The Old Cutler Oyster Co, Raw Bar & Grill

Highlights of Florida's Smoking Ban Implementation

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Smoking bans force you to hang a sign and tell your patrons there is no smoking.
They DO NOT force you to enforce the law. 
NY is doing it and so can you!

Florida Judge Agrees!
Administrative Judge Michael Parrish notes that there is no legal requirement for a bar owner to take ''specific action'' when someone is smoking in the bar.

Please note: This makes all smoking bans illegal unless your State or town wants to train you, supply liability insurance, sign you on as police AND make it a law that anyone they want must be forced into police duty. Your 16 year old son washing dishes in a restaurant would have to go to the police academy because he may have to uphold the smoking ban law. Remove these un-enforceable laws from your books NOW to avoid law suits. Every worker has the right to sue you when hurt, your ban opens you up for liability.

Please print out the Ban Damage Page (Deaths, Injuries, Rape, and more) and the Ban Loss Database (Money and business lost due to bans) and bring them to your politicians. Tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This failed experiment in human behavior is killing people and it has to stop now. Death certificates from "smoking" are zero, while death certificates from smoking bans and making a legal product un-politically correct are rising.

His name is James Blake Miller,
God Bless him.

Florida Meeting

All Florida business owners, suppliers, and interested parties are invited.
Lawyers will be present for information and questions.
At Hooligan's Pub
US 1 and 92 st sw
directly across from Shortys BBQ, in Miami.

Please make donation checks payable to
Cosgrove PA Trust Account
and mail to:

The Old Cutler Oyster Co, Raw Bar & Grill
18415 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, fl 33157

Michael J. Pace
Telephone: 305-238-2051

SE corner of S Dixie hwy (us1) and SW 184 St, in the South Dade Shopping Center from the North either US 1 South to 184 Street
Turnpike ext, South to Quail Roost Drive. East to US 1 (S Dixie) approx 2 miles


Restaurant Owners are saying Enough
and taking legal action against Amendment 6!!

Currently there are 5 lawsuits being pursued, and restaurant owners such as Michael Pace, Old Cutler Raw Bar, are ready to take it to Federal Court!
"We intend to seek an injunction from further enforcement until the issues are heard and resolved. This will hopefully stop all enforcement action statewide, so it is in everyone's interest to get on board."

Restaurants/ Bars are hurting financially and that means losses for everyone. One of our goals is to supply the legislators of this state Ban Loss information. Hopefully, this will make them understand the impact the Smoking Ban is having on everyone. If your sales are down please provide us with as much information as you can so we can include your losses in our "Ban Loss Information Page".

We invite all business owners in Florida
to email us to get involved. We would like you to help, share resources, and help us fight this ridiculous law.


A flyer to print out
Please print this out and make copies for friends and the public.


The Crab Trap Restaurant
6229 Grand Boulevard,
New Port Richey, FL 34652
727 845-5050 phone
727 817-0005 fax
A group of business owners in Florida who have hired an attorney to fight the ban!


Florida Smokers' Rights
Petition permitting the establishment of Smokers Only Restaurants and Bars.

Print and sign petition


Florida Smokers
Stats on smokers contributions to the State economy.
Email all your politicians and media from here.
Links for laws.


Read the newsletter!


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Attention all business owners
suffering from a smoking ban.

Please fill out this form and submit it
for a new web page at The Facts.


Florida Smokers
A public Yahoo group for anyone who wants to talk about the Florida ban situation!

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Smokers Club Forum
Open discussion for tobacco issues. Conversations on products, bans, taxes, information relating to smokers and smokers rights. You can get all the day's posts in one email, by adjusting your membership to "Daily Digest."

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